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ALFA is a powerful airport billing software solution designed to balance ease of use with the flexibility required by airports of all sizes to invoice customers, examine airport traffic, manage lease and concession revenue, and much more.

Airports generate revenue in very unique ways, including fees based on aircraft movements, aircraft services, passenger movements, and many other structures. In many cases, these processes are unique to the individual airport and environment in which they operate, and managing and processing this information can be a very complex and difficult task.


ALFA has been designed as an efficient and flexible tool to manage these processes through a high degree of automation, customizable functionality, and ease of use. ALFA, in effect, reduces the level of effort required to generate billings, ensuring maximization of revenues with minimal administrative cost and effort - the key objective of any airport billing software.

Automated Electronic Invoice Delivery

ALFA supports automated email delivery of electonic copies of invoices from all of its billing modules. Each ALFA customer can be configured with one or more email To and emaill CC addresses. Depending on local system configuration, ALFA can send emailed invoices using the client workstations' MS Outlook or server side MS SQL functionaity. Emailing PDF copies of invoices not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces costs associated with mailing hard copy invoices and can reduce aged receivables.


All processing is performed on the client's desktop, ensuring security and confidentiality of the data. Internet connectivity is used to access updated aircraft registries, ICAO air carrier designators, international airport codes, and ICAO aircraft type codes. This client-server technology ensures that ALFA always has access to the most up to date aircraft/owner validation files.

Accounting System Integration

ALFA has been successfully integrated with the many enterprise Financial Management Systems (FMS) and smaller accounting systems.

Supported Accounting Systems

ALFA supports a large variety of accounting systems ranging from large corporate ERPs to single user bookkeeping applications. In addition to systems listed below, ALFA has been designed to allow for easy extension so as to support other systems as the need arises.

  • SAP Business by Design
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon)
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)
  • AccPac - SAGE 300
  • Vadim iCity
  • Infor SunSystems
  • Axis
  • Simply Accounting - SAGE 50
  • QuickBooks

Scalability: A Modular Approach

ALFA's four modules (AvCharges, ReCharges, Miscellaneous Charges, Statistics) are designed to work in conjunction as a comprehensive solution to complex airport tasks, but at the same time they function just as comfortably individually.

Aeronautical Fees

The AvCharge Module is a powerful aeronautical billing utility used to process ATC aircraft movement data. User’s can view, edit and tag aircraft movements with supplemental fees and/or exemptions. The AvCharge Module permits users to process multiple aeronautical charges onto one invoice.

Aeronautical Billing Features

  • Importation of electronic ATC aircraft movement files (e.g. NAV CANADA) and direct interfaces with ATC systems (e.g. Frequentis).
  • Interfaces with 3rd party airport systems such as AODBs and FIDs.
  • Unlimited aeronautical fee structures based on weight, seat, time of day, engine type, sector, operation and wing type for automatic charge calculations.
  • Passenger and Loading Bridge Fees
  • Parking Fee Automation
  • Powerful multiple discounting/exemptions by customer and/or by aircraft
  • Automated generation of emails with invoices attached as PDFs

Non-Aeronautical Fees

The ReCharge Module is designed to assist airports to manage the multitude of recurring fees and charges associated with airport operations. These typically include leases, concessions, licenses, utilities, employee parking, hangar rentals, aircraft parking, etc.

Keeping track of the various recurring fees, effective periods, documentation requirements, etc. can be very onerous if not properly managed. The ALFA 2004 ReCharge Module provides a single-source management and invoicing tool for this purpose.

Non-Aeronautical Billing Features

  • Minimum amount and gross revenue Concessions
  • Sliding scale Concessions
  • Utility Recovery (Electricity/Water)
  • Detailed Customer Management
  • Automated generation of emails with invoices attached as PDFs
  • Highly customizable contract / task management tools to track and be reminded of critical contract dates before it is too late.
  • Ability to store multiple contract documents and revisions within the system.

Miscellaneous Charges

The Miscellaneous Charge Module is designed to allow airports to capture and invoice basic, single event charges. An example of one of these one-off charges would be the rental of an airport boardroom for several hours for a tenant staff meeting.

The basic information required is an account code, a customer number, an invoice description, and an amount. With this information, ALFA can very quickly generate a one-off invoice.


The ALFA database serves as an ideal centreal repository for Aircraft Movement statistics at the airport. Based on the data already being used for billing, standard and custom reports can be generated which can be used to comply with regulatory reporting requirements, track key perfomance indicators and provide insight into operations occuring at your airport.

In addition to aircraft movement data within the AvCharge module, passenger statistics can be tracked by customer, flight no., origin/destination, and aircraft type. This module centralizes passenger volume tracking, and allows for financial reporting normalized by passenger. This module also centralizes the storage of local traffic movements.


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